East College Park Executive Contacts

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Past President:

Donna P.

Vice President:



Cassandra Sova


Erin Glover

Indoor Program Coordinator 1:

Elizabeth Robertson

Indoor Program Coordinator 2:


Online Registration Coordinator

& Membership Inquiries:

Vanessa Postnikoff

Rink Coordinator:

Jay Postnikoff

Financial Assistance/Cost As A Barrier:

Danny Robertson

Social Events Coordinator:

Elizabeth Robertson

Civics/Community Safety Coordinator:

Lori O'Brien

School Liaison 1 (Elementary Schools in ECP):

Kelly Sikorski

School Liaison 2 (High Schools in ECP area):


Newsletter & Advertising Coordinator:

Lori Verishagen

Website Coordinator:

Vanessa Postnikoff

Basketball Coordinators

Erin and Ryan Brimacombe

Soccer Coordinator:

Lindsay Sutherland

Softball Coordinator:

Danny Robertson

Members at Large:

1. Amanda Fortin

2. Leah


City of Saskatoon Community Consultant:

Mark Planchot

Ward 8 Councillor:

Sarina Gersher


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