Outdoor & Indoor Programs

Please note that the descriptions do not mean we are going to run the program at this time. They are only reference some classes (not all) we have offered in the past. If you see one that you are specifically interested in, please contact our program coordinator at indoor@ecpark.ca to see if it will be available our next registration period (Aug/Sept & Jan/Feb)

Please note that you will be able to purchase your ECPCA membership at the same time as when you register for your ECPCA program. East College Park Community Association honours all community association memberships, simply type in your pre purchased membership number to override buying another ECPark one!

Contact Elizabeth for more information by emailing indoor@ecpark.ca

Is Cost a Barrier for you and your family but you want to attend our programs? It doesn't have to be. Email us for more information.

Cost as a Barrier (CAAB) Policy  ... also check out our "Financial Assistance" tab along the top of the page.

Also check out the Creative Kids Saskatchewan website for funding opportunities, supported activities, and the Creative Kids application.

Rules & Other Community Association Memberships

The East College Park Community Association honours other community association memberships

  • If you have any suggestions for new programming or feedback on the current programming please pass your comments along to indoor@ecpark.ca

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